NFTs. Monkey Business? Not quite.

2021 saw the explosion of NFTs into the public consciousness. At the back end of 2020, Mike Winkelmann a digital artist also known as Beeple, sold a piece of his work for $69m. The sale, positioned him among the top three most valuable living artists according to Christie’s and started the first ever NFT bull run. Since then we have seen the NFT market valuation explode from less than $15m to over $15b!

This type of growth is unparalleled in the art world and practically unparalleled in the investment world too. Historically very few investment fields have ever progressed so significantly, in such a short period of time. Maybe unsurprisingly an exception would be crypto.

The types of NFTs that are leading this boom have been coined “crypto art”. JPEGs created by artists, minted on blockchains, then behave like altcoins. Successful projects create hype and anticipation. People “ape” in and before we know it they’re worth a fortune.

This has created an interesting dynamic within the NFT space. Whilst certain people look to get in early and flip them for profit — investment 101 — There is now a completely different type of NFT investor. This type of investor is buying in for the status that owning a highly valuable NFT brings. Whereas previous art collectors would store their art in their homes and could only display to the few people who they actually invited round, these NFT status symbols are public and visible for the world to see.

Today you’ll log into Twitter and you’ll see celebrities such as Jay -Z, Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone proudly using an NFT as their profile pictures. Due to their rarity and high value they tell the world “I’m cool and rich” without it coming off as ostentatious. They also come with their own instantly recognisable verified “blue tick”, previously only reserved for celebrities or public figures. These NFTs have quickly become the ultimate flex. And as a result more desirable, and more expensive by the day.

In the last month we’ve seen the floor price for a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT — the lowest an NFT can be bought for — more than double. Currently to buy an entry level Bored Ape it will cost you over $200k. With the way things are going this could easily double again by the end of the year. At this rate in another 6 months the cheapest Bored Ape might cost you $1m.

So, what option do you have if you don’t have a spare couple hundred thousand dollars and really want a super cool and super rare NFT? Well you can predict what the next super project is going to be and buy in early, and hope to see it explode. The thing is with this, it’s obviously risky. There’s no metric, no graph, no utility with these NFTs. There’s no real way of predicting which project is going to become the next CryptoPunks.

Goobig offer an alternative route.

Our platform hosts our own weekly and milestone smart lottery competition. Winners are guaranteed due to them being attached to tickets assigned with every purchase. Think of it more like a raffle. A raffle that is provably fair and provably randomised.

Players buy in for as little as $15 and are entered into our two main draws. GooWeekly — a winner takes all draw between all players from that week. And Goo59, our jackpot draw that will crown crypto millionaires and could crown crypto billionaires in the near future.

We have decided to give away $4m worth of the worlds most expensive NFTs in line with our main Goo59 draw.

Below you can see our draw schedule. At these milestones we are giving away these prize amounts to our players.

We are also giving away a collection of Bored Apes. Below you can see our NFT prize schedule. At each of these milestones lucky Goobig player(s) will win our Bored Apes.

For your chance to win one all you need to do is have at least one Goobig ticket. More tickets you have more chance you have of winning.

Goobig is offering its players not just the chance to win life changing sums of money, but also the chance to win some of the worlds most rare and valuable NFTs.

Follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram and Medium as we announce which NFTs we’re going to be giving away. (Link below)

Let’s Goo Ape!